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Fashion Eye Accessories

Here at MDA Ccostume & Collectables we have chosen to sell Funky Cosmetis Eye Accessories.Firstly they are a British company and all Funky Eye Accessoeires are made in the uk.
Funky are a break through new bread of disposable eye accessory.made from latest material,they lead the way in colour eye fashion advancements. 
Made with precision cast moulding method the result is a comfortable accessory of ultra-thin design. which conforms to strict European safty requirements.
The accessories are NOT sold through optical businesses and are NOT optical appliances or medical devices. They are NOT capable of offering corrective features for eyesight,but instead have a clear seethrough membrane circle in the middle to allow normal uncorrected vision.
Funky Eye Accessories aim to offer products with unique designs and best quality that serve diffrent market segments globally with consumer safty of paramount importance.
thanks to advancements in technology we can change our eye colour in seconds by using a simple off the shelf fashion accessorie
Each  pair of Funky Eye Accessories sold come with a copy of the disclaimer form (eveyone is required to fill one of these in when you purchase eye accessories)and a care guide . Funky Eye  Accessories are sold in pairs. they are available as
Daily , 90 day, or Yearly prices start at £9.50 for the daiy. all packs are priced diffrently 
you have to be over 16 years of age and may be asked for id


Disclaimer form


Care Guide

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